Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) is eligible for most of the companies and aims to help companies to improve productivity with technology. Government supports with 2/3 of project price and at most of HKD 400K. MTAG will provide a one-stop service to process all the application procedures. We’ll help you to eliminate all the difficult paperwork and technology questions from Government.


Professional service team to answer
the relevant inquiries in detail


Provide tailor-made solutions to clients
based on your own requirements


Provide a one-stop service to process
all TVP related applications.


Local entities (except listed enterprises) registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance Or Incorporated and registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance.

Funding up to $400,000 for each eligible applicant will be provided on a 2:1 matching basis. The applicant must contribute no less than one third of the total approved project cost in cash.

TVP supports projects in the form of technological services and solutions which could improve productivity, or upgrade or transform the business processes of the applicant.

Each project should normally be completed within 12 months.

  1. Obtain quotations from technology service providers and suppliers
  2. Submit the application and proposal
  3. Sign funding agreement
  4. Project to be completed within 12 months
  5. Submit final project report
  6. Disburse funding

No idea with all these paperwork and don’t want to waste time to back & forth with gov? Contact MTAG now. Our professional team will do all these works for you.

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